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Why Scan X-rays?

xray scanning

Why Scan X-rays?

At Pearl Scan, we specialise in digitising almost any paper or microfilm document. We operate a secure and trustworthy business and work closely with the healthcare industry, not only in scanning medical documents, but scanning microfilm X-rays too. Pearl Scan can digitise a wide range of sized X-rays, from 14”x 17” down to 44mm. Services like this can help towards a challenge set by health secretary Jeremy Hunt in 2013, suggesting the NHS to go fully paperless.

Whilst it may seem like an unnecessary or unusual application for our services, there are many reasons as to why medical institutions should consider scanning their X-rays:

Quicker remote access

Once a document has been scanned and digitised, it can be easily filed within a document management software such as Halogen. This software allows the user to store the files in an indexed format, making large amounts of documents easily retrievable. Software like this can be installed on virtually all major operating systems, giving users in multiple locations instant access to the extensive library inside. Using this method to store medical records, such as X-rays would save vital time for medical professionals when needing to send X-rays to other hospitals for inspection. Even without use of the storing software, if an X-ray is turned into PDF format it can be instantly sent anywhere via email or other intranet based platforms, saving time when requiring a second look to assist in finding a medical solution.

xray scanBetter long term preservation

Microfilm is prone to erosion over time, so no matter how efficient an existing physical filing system may be, factors such as this prove an obstacle in preserving medical records for extended periods of time. Digitising important documents such as X-rays can ensure the details are never lost, allowing them to provide accurate information whenever they are needed for reference.

Space is freed up

The amount of X-rays that are produced on a daily basis are high, with X-rays being a vital part of medical diagnosis and treatment. As such, the sheer volume of physical documents produced can present hospitals with significant storage challenges. When scanning a document to digital format, the physical element is taken away, meaning you can store as much as your electronic device can hold – and in today’s world, this is virtually limitless! Cluttered and disorderly filing cabinets can be replaced with a streamline virtual document storage system.

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