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newspaper scanning

Newspaper Scanning Services

Newspaper scanning is a service we have completed numerous private individuals and companies over the years. We can scan old or dated newspapers into a multi-page PDF format which allows you to view these on screen and distribute them electronically as you please.

Why Scan Newspapers?

Scanning archived and historical papers offers a list of benefits and peace of mind:

  • Old papers will be backed up permanently in electronic format
  • Scanned newspapers can have OCR processing applied to make them fully text searchable
  • Electronic newspapers can be posted online for reference if required
  • All newspapers are kept on one disk allowing the hard copies to be disposed of
  • Any keyword can be located throughout all newspapers with a simple 'text search'

How Are The Newspapers Scanned?

When scanning a newspaper into electronic format it is important to avoid damaging the original, therefore our newspaper scanning service takes a very careful approach. A system whereby the paper has little contact with the scanner and minimal handling of the newspaper is required from the scanning operator.

Once we scan these in using our state of the art scanners the images go through our quality control checks to ensure that all pages are scanned and appear as they should with no errors. Relevant image enhancements and optimisation is also added to ensure the pages appear as clear as possible, though it is usually important to have a good original copy to get the best out of this.

These scanned images are usually converted into a viewable, multi-page PDF format but they can also be converted into other formats such as JPEG, TIFF, Epub, MOBI and more. The files can then have Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to add the PDF text searchable feature if required and they can also be bookmarked if any particular splitting or bookmarking is required by the customer.

Once fully prepared the contents of the papers can then be distributed freely or hosted online for the public to view and refer to. It is also always useful to have editions securely backed up safely in electronic format in case of damage or loss to the originals.

Once the whole process is completed, final images are verified through quality control and then put onto CDs.

Many customers have found our newspaper scanning useful and now have their archives backed up on a DVD or hard drive which they can refer to at any point. This has created great convenience with regards to accessing this information and has also offered the public more materials to search through once posted online.

How Much Does Newspaper Scanning Cost?

This normally depends on the volume and personal preferences. To get a quote for your newspaper or magazine scanning requirements in more detail call Pearl Scan on 0161 832 7991 or request a FREE online quote.

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