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Document scanning service


Document Scanning Service

Pearl Scan specialise in providing complete document scanning and document imaging services as well as document management software and systems.

Document scanning and document imaging services are some of Pearl Scan's speciality scanning services. We cover all sizes and volumes according to your specific requirements. Regular document scanning tasks include: scanning files to TIFF, PDF, Text-Searchable PDF format, JPEG or document scanning and document conversion to a text editable format such as OCR conversion to Microsoft Word or Excel.

Over more than a decade of business we have invested heavily in making our document scanning services better and better with investment in the latest technology. When it comes to getting your documents scanned, we have many years of experience working with all types of businesses from central and local Government and public sectors to private organisations and large blue chip companies.

Paper Services: What Do We Scan?document scanning

  • Client/Project Files
  • Completed Forms
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Books & Brochures
  • POD's (Proof of Delivery receipts)
  • Medical Records
  • Account Documents
  • Training Manuals/ Reports
  • OCR Scanning
  • Legal Documents (E-Bible)
  • Microfiche Scanning
  • Microfilm Scanning
  • Invoices

Pearl Scan's document scanning bureau can provide you with the best way to digitise your drawings in good quality for an affordable cost.

The Document Scanning Process

PREPARATION: Prior to scanning documents, they must be prepared. Where necessary, this process includes de-stapling, un-binding, removing any creases/folds and plastic wallets etc. This is all done with the greatest of care and respect for your files.

SCANNING: We use a range of high-speed, state-of-the-art scanners to ensure the image and final quality of the scanned documents are of the highest possible standard.

IMAGE ENHANCEMENT: Our scanning services also includes image processing, in which image cropping, de-skewing and image enhancements can be applied to any poor quality or old files.

CONVERSION: Documents can be scanned into various formats. Depending on your requirements, we can advise you on the most suitable solution for your needs.
Document Scanning Formats

The industry standard regular electronic file formats include:

  • TIFF Format (widely used for electronic archiving, compatible and supported by Microsoft Windows). TIFF is a high quality image file that is considered better than JPEG but naturally has a larger size.
  • PDF (Adobe Acrobat) suitable for viewing/sharing/distribution/security/online access and electronic archiving. Virtually all computers now have a PDF reader. It is also a very dynamic format that can also be very small in file size.
  • Text Searchable PDF (recommended for quick search by the keyword in the document). Using a format like Text Searchable PDF can be extremely useful and literally cut wasted hours out of an employee’s day.
  • Microsoft Office formats such as Word and Excel. A lot of PC users have Word and Excel and it is mainly a matter of preference to how your company works.
  • JPEG (suitable for colour pictures scanning/distribution). A good quality image format that's also relatively small in file size. This is usually the highest quality format you'll need.

Top Quality, Easy to Use Search Softwaredocument scanning service

We also supply our FREE document retrieval software to clients as part of our scanning services. It is provided on CD or DVD so all you need to access your documents is a PC.

Our document retrieval software helps you search through thousands or even millions of files and instantly find the required document in seconds. We have made sure that our search software is user friendly and above all no training or any installation is actually required. Once the disk is inserted into your PC, a small search window will appear on your screen, all you need to do is simply type in the file name. Within moments the file will be displayed on your screen. This is yet another advantage to using scanning services with Pearl Scan.

Lightening The Load - The Advantages of Going Digital

There are many advantages to using a document scanning service to go digital. There are the more obvious reasons, like making your office more efficient plus you'll be able to find what you need quickly. But there are other benefits that you may not have thought of such as a potential boost in morale when a previously tedious task will become a much quicker and far more stimulating task. This will lead to a rise in production and happy and productive staff can only be a positive thing.

Because production is up you will also see more important tasks being completed in less time meaning that you will be able to get more done. There is also a cost benefit, of course, because less employee hours are spent searching through files.

There is also the space space benefit which, in any size of office, is always a positive thing. If you wish, we can dispose of your old documents now that you have digital versions on your systems, leaving much more space within the working environment.

Quality AssuranceDigitise documents

Quality control is one of our main priorities. All our documents are scanned to our externally audited ISO 9001 Quality Assurance procedures. We also follow the BSI DISC PD008 recommendation for the legal admissibility of scanned information from files and documents.

This means that we're the best possible option for your document scanning needs.

Everyone who works at Pearl Scan has been professionally trained and works daily to ensure that the greatest care is taken with your important files during the document scanning process. Continue reading about Pearl Scan Document Scanning Services.

Free Trial

Document Scanning Service

We offer a free trial scanning service to our prospective clients to their required format as proof of concept.


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